Some skilful care tips for Passionflowers.

Passiflora love good permeable ground. Plants on open land. Best a place that they are protected. The Caerulea and Constance Elliot are most winter hard. Plants in a pot must have permeable light ground have (pH value 6). Composition: grove peat + fine peat + clay + perlite. As from mid- May the plants can be put outside (first days not in the full sun) and up to in the autumn they can stay outside until the first night frost approach.

Feeding + water
In the winter keep them dry. In spring still no feeding, but as the plant starts growing you can give them diluted feeding (N.P.K.) 20-20-20.
N – nitrogening for the increase of the plant.
P – phosphorus for carrot and flower bud
K – potassium for capacitance, sicknesses and firmness.
Fe- iron for healthy green colour (sometimes in liquid feeding iron – see package).
Magnesium (bittersalt) only give as the plant gets yellow leaves.

(P.s.: on 10 litres water a tea spoon bittersalt and a tea spoon ironcelate such as it is necessary.)

Only in spring – early summer. Never in the autumn – winter.

To prune
On open land. Never before the winter. Pot plants one can prune in the autumn or in spring. I myself do it in spring, because then one can see what has died in the winter (never prune everything because of mould shaping, with the death as a consequence).

To slip
Make slip material always sterile because of viruses. Never use the same tool on several plants without first disinfecting the tool.

Sickness and plages
Sapwood and wool louse. These can be fought by for example with Admire or Masai and other resources (to see package).

6 thoughts on “Nursing

    Gerard oliekan

    (%A %B %e%q, %Y - %I:%M %p)

    Hallo Gerrit, heeft u misschien p. Coccinea?
    Plantjes of zaden zijn zeer welkom (uiteraard tegen betaling) of kent u iemand die deze bezit?

    Alvast bedankt


    Margriet Limburg

    (%A %B %e%q, %Y - %I:%M %p)

    Ik heb er één gekocht voor op mijn balkon.
    De knoppen worden geel en vallen af.
    Wat moet ik doen?
    Hoor graag van u.

    Margriet Limburg

    (%A %B %e%q, %Y - %I:%M %p)

    Gekocht een Passieflora caerulea. Knoppen worden geel en vallen af.
    Wat doe ik fout. Ik geef water (niet te veel) De plant staat in een rieten mand.


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    Ook mijn passiebloem zit vol knoppen maar een aantal knoppen worden geel en vallen eraf. Hij staat in een bak van een meter lang en halve meter breed

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