Some tips for Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis.

Tank plants soil. pH value between 5.5 and 6.5. Soil must be lightly and permeable. Best in a stone pot with drainage to prevent blowing over.

1 every 14 days fertilise. As from March up to September with Peters professional. Water soluble fertilizeren 17 – 7 – 27 – + 2 mg or 15 – 10 – 28 or space city 18 – 10 – 28 Hibiscus fertileze with water soluble.

In the SUMMER, depending on the weather water every day. Plants on a scale after 30 minutes shake off water.

In the AUTUMN give water as needed and in the WINTER watch out with giving water.

Dangerous are plant louse – sapwood – white fly. Biological suppression resources are in the trade available. During the winter keep the plants on approx. 10 degrees celcius.

The Hibiscus can lose all leaves in the winter, so give them little. But do not let dry out.

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